Binary file to BLOB

I need to put image files from filesystem to mysql database.
I don’t have to upload images, they are in the server filesystem
I tried such code in my model , but it don’t work:

    f =, filename))
    data = Mysql.escape_string(
    self.icon = data

Model “Document” has binary field :icon, where I tried to save data from
file, but it only save small portion (190 - 400 bytes).

Please, help.

can you try:

self.icon =, filename), “rb”).read

the important part being “rb” which means read the file directly as
binary data.

sorry I accidently posted my reply to just the author. I think this
might help:

self.icon =, filename) , “rb”).read

The important bit is “rb” which means read the files as binary data.

Thanks, it works.

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