Big size file uploading problem w/IE


I’m now trying to develop application for big files exchanges by
Webserver and Browser with rails.

There is a browser dependent file uploading problem with Rails.

Uploading file is issued from .rhtml like this.

<%= form_tag({:action => “upload_file”}, {:multipart => “true”}) %>

With IE ( 6.02900 ) a 5 meg file was sent but slowly and it took more
than 10 seconds.
With FireFox the same file was sent in 3 seconds or so.

With FireFox a 20 meg file was sent in 9 seconds.
With IE the same file could not be sent.
( for 5 mins client and rails server gave no responses )

Firefox can send a 100Mbyte file.

According to MS ( ),
IE w/ modified registory ( 8kb -> 32 kb) can send a 100meg file
but take looooong time.

it seems that while uploading files, rails action “upload_file” was kept
waiting, because there are no action log in the log file.

my question is :

Is there any way in Rails to receive a big file from popular browsers in
stable and rapidly?

I confirmed above in the following envs.

Rails 1.1.2
webrick ( Ruby 1.8.4)
lighttpd 1.4.11

Any suggestions, workarounds or alteratives will be really appreciated.


Hiroshi T. [email protected]

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