Big problem to install Radiant on Site 5

I tried to install Radiant 0.6.4 on Site 5 Hosting. The procedure has
gone well and all the installation has completed. When I try to run the
site ( it shows the follow message:

Application error

Rails application failed to start properly"
I didn’t meet any trouble during installation.

Before installing I configured local gems on my account under
/home/username/gems directory; I configured all required .gemrc and
.bash_profile. Then I installed all gem required. I tried to run, by
console, dispatch.fcgi, but the reponse is the same above.
I think that the problem is into .htaccess or into dispatch.fcgi … I’m
desperate developer.
Is there anyone can help me ? Is there anyone has an .htaccess that runs
fine on Site5 hosting (under radiant …) or/and dispatch.fcgi
configuration that runs fine ?
Please help me …
I appreciate also a serious and detailed tutorial to install radiant on
site 5 (I think that all tutorials on the net (?) I verified …).



I wrote a series of tutorials for capistrano on site5, and I wrote
some recipes for radiant too.

You can find the tutorials here:

2007/11/16, Rails I. [email protected]: