Big announcement?

Since tomorrow (today in some parts of the world) is September 19th, it
seems an appropriate time for the release of YARV. After all, it is
International Talk Like A Pirate Day…

Just a bit of silliness that I hope y’all enjoy.

– Matt
It’s not what I know that counts.
It’s what I can remember in time to use.

I’m getting really tired of the way that people stereotype pirates…

Yeah i believe they dont assign ideas with a real pirate or corsair
(or mercenaries as most of them were, some paid by nations)
but simply more because of the idea behind them. (Or an
idealized idea… )

Even then I’d personally find there would be better examples to use than
a pirate BUT given the success of movies such as a certain movie with
johnny depp, or a certain swedish site shooting at Hollywood industry, i
think its no surprise that so much gets assoced in a
positive manner with pirates …
In fact I already wondered where the ruby pirates
are, aye mate :wink:

Well, have you ever thought about how the pirates themselves feel?

Arr-arr this, and aye-aye that. I’d be all about law suits if I was in
their shoes…

On 2006-09-19, Marc H. [email protected] wrote:

In fact I already wondered where the ruby pirates are, aye mate :wink:

Ruby the Pirate Beauty -


Jeremy H.

Jeremy H. wrote:

Ruby the Pirate Beauty -

Does the $29.99 include the hot rock chick? ;D