Better supporting parenthesis in links

Is there a better way to support parenthesis in links like Wikipedia
links? Requiring brackets around the link is confusing to many new
users who don’t understand why their Wikipedia links won’t work. I
wrote a patch on the latest version of RedCloth to support this a lot
better. Instead of stopping on a end parenthesis, it instead looks at
the URL itself. If the number of opening and closing parenthesis are
equal, it allows the end parenthesis in the link. I’m sure there’s a
better way, like checking if they are properly nested.

Included is two patches, one for the C code, another to include more
tests. I do not have Java, so I cannot test myself, however it should
be trivial to port.

Fantastic! Thank you, Ryan. I’ve added it to an existing ticket and
I can’t wait to apply your patch.

The ticket’s URL is