BetaBrite LED sign library - 0.0.2

The BetaBrite LED sign library version 0.0.2 is now available

= Description
This library is for controlling BetaBrite LED signs. You can write
picture files, control the color, font, etc. You can display special
and even change the display modes.

= Release Notes

== 0.0.2

This release comes with new syntax for setting attributes of
BetaBrite::String and BetaBrite::TextFile. Setting attributes like color
and character set is now less cumbersome. For example, here is the old
way to set the color using constants:
s =“hello”)
s.color = BetaBrite::String::Color::GREEN
Instead you can do this:
s =“hello”) { |a|
a.set_color “green”
You can treat TextFile similarly:
s = { |a|
a.set_mode “compressed_rotate”
a.set_position “middle”
These special set functions figure out what constant you want and set it
to the attribute you want. “set_mode” looks up the name passed in in the
constants stored in the Mode class, and sets it to the mode attribute.

How much do the signs cost? Their website doesn’t say much.


On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 03:50:19PM +0900, Dr Nic wrote:

How much do the signs cost? Their website doesn’t say much.

I got it from Sam’s club for $160.


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