Beta Testers Needed

Basically, I have started a Text-game in ruby. real basic but I have so
many ideas, and I need some people to bounce them off of before I decide
to implement them.

The EXE is simply called Cupid. no it’s not a romance finding app :stuck_out_tongue: I
wrote a novel called Cupid’s Rising, to which the world/setting and
characters are based off of for the game. The book is apart of a series,
so there will be more content added with each release of the novels.

I am looking for people that can spend a few minutes of their day,
testing out what is implemented, and we can converse preferably on
skype. It does create a save file, with no extension, which can be
viewed in the notepad app to verify I am not giving you a virus ;). The
file contains two strings, your character name and where he/she/it comes
from, followed by a bunch of numbers the game uses for handling of
scenes and such.

I can offer documentation on how to play the game, and how it works and
such for those interested. I have a forum if people prefer that, where
crits and ideas can be expressed freely and openly, to help develop the
game, and where the code as it is developed is available for reading, to
help new comers learn a little about Ruby.

you can contact me at, [email protected] if interested, or have
questions about life and the universe. or reply to this thread, if you
wish to be anon.

May the sun bless you forever!