Best way to start working on rails

Hey Guys,

What would be the best way to start working on RAILS for Java
Developers.This is the most frequent question anyone can ask.

According to me exploring on Ruby is the first point to start

Would be happy to see the group’s word on this

See the answer to this post:

I’ve found the Agile and Ruby for Rails books extremely helpful:



What would be the best way to start working on RAILS …

Do all of these :

I also highly advise this montly screencasts collection : (you will save

At some point, you’ll need to learn Ruby properly :

There is more, but this is a good start.

Alain R.

I recommend David Black’s book, Ruby for Rails, if you’re new to Ruby.

I’ve written up a rundown of all the Rails-related books I could find,
with some suggestions for who should reach which ones and in which
order, at:

And if you want a really quick start and can spend the travel time and
money, go to one of the Rails Studios that Mike C. and Dave T.
put on (Ruby on Rails Course | The Pragmatic Studio). You’ll be up to speed in
three days.

Michael S.