Best way to implement RX/TX cycle with a single WBX dboard?

I am trying to implement a simple RX/TX cycle with a single WBX dboard
order to sense and transmit. I want to sense for a short period, then
transmit data, and then repeat. This is going to happen at the same
frequency however, so I need to eliminate interference from the TX when
I am

Currently I have two separate flow-graphs, one for sensing/detecting and
for transmitting data. To be more specific I need to know the best way
disable the WBX on the transmitter graph while allowing the sensing
graph to
receive data. Looking at some GRC generated code I saw that with the GRC
usrp_simple_sink_c that you can call set_enable(False). This seems to
the transmission, but I am getting some strange results.

Is there a way to disable the TX side of the WBX and then re-enable it?
we do this with non-GRC code?
What would be the best way to implement a transmit/receive cycle with
WBX and USRP1?

Thanks for looking!