Best way to go for ajax / UI interface design and Ror?

Tryed several JS and java frameworks for adding a nice set of UI
elements to ror applications.
I know there is Jquery, Jquery widgets for Ror, The jquery UI but all
those lack in some way or the other.

Would there be a really cool and nice degradable framework out there
that is mayor enough to use as a foundation
for certain cms based applications where you want to mimic a non-
browser app UI elements?

If you know any good that go nice with ruby and maybe even have some
github ruby support please let us know!

I found Vaadin | Discover the Web App Framework Built for Java but that needs a tomcat or java server
to run.
Looks promising though

did you try open laszlo?


This looks very cool.
You use it yourself? What about rails 3 and merb integration wait for

Okay my reply above was a bit to hasty.
Openlaszio is very great for rich UI.

But my needs have changed due to time issues to look for the best way
to implement jquery inside ror rails projects,
Any advise on that? I found netzke but not sure if that is of any use
when rails 3 comes.
definitly will look into openlaszio lateron.