Best way to bill through LinkPoint? Is ActiveMerchant solid?

I need to set up a site to charge cards through LinkPoint. I did some
searching to see what was available, and saw that Shopify uses
ActiveMerchant. I saw that it hasn’t been touched in several months,
though perhaps that’s simply because it hasn’t needed any changes.
Just wondering what’s the best way to go about this.

Thanks for any info.


ActiveMerchant is in production with Shopify. In fact thats what it
was developed for.

I have been spending some time the last 2 days to clean up the public
API so that i can put the 1.0 stamp on the library and release it as
the officially endorsed rail merchant services package.

Linkpoint is supported but not actually tested by Shopify yet because
of their business with public/private keys which are causing some
headaches for me. It should be “fairly” workable though…

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