Best way of storing attachements/images

I’m building a webshop and i’m stuck with a specific task. I’m using

I have a form for adding a new product. In the form there’s a portion
for image upload.
I want to provide my client with a way of adding images to his product
and returning to the same folder with the fields he’s filled in still
filled in.

Form -> Add image -> Returns to the form displaying the images that
will be added to this form.
Form -> Submit -> Saves the product and the images.

I’ve looked at both file_column and acts_as_attachement plugins but
it’s the specific form re-view that I don’t know how to solve.

Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure if Iunderstood you correctly… anyway if what’s you’re
trying to achieve is to upload images without clearing/resetting the
form via page reload, try using ajax to add images to the form (see
Peak Obsession),
and “normal way” to select one of them afterwards.

Maybe you’d ask directly on rails list
( - they’ll
probably know better.