Best solution for windows server?

I have a windows server with 2 ip.
On the first i have iis listening, at the moment on the other ip i have
tomcat listening.
I would like to host ruby on rails application.
What to do?
iis integration on the first ip? (if this can you suggest me a guide)
glassfish and jruby on the second ip? (always a guide please)
If I want to uninstall tomcat and not host any java application, wich is
best windows solution to host only rails applications?

sorry for many questions, and thanks for any help

We’re setting up mongrel behind apache, and I’ve been thinking about
moving to Swiftiply.

The latter is probably more ideal if you can get EM built.

Well, actually, you can install like this:

gem install eventmachine -v0.8.1
gem install swiftiply --ignore-dependencies

And then follow Kirks docs on the swiftcore webpage to setup swiftiply.

Some people suggest using lighttpd on Windows, but as far as I know,
the current builds need security patches.