Best production environment for 2008!

Hi, I’m not sure if I’m just not googling the right things, but I
can’t find a post about a production environment any later than early

Things seem to change so fast in the rails world, what with mod_rails
out now, and people trying all kinds of crazy stuff. What do people
use in the real world? I’m looking for something that can scale very
easily… I want to know “the right way” to do it. I realize that is
a loaded question, but I mean I’m not interested in methods only
appropriate for light loads. (my app will be a medium load).

If it won’t mess me up, I’d like to use apache. I’m familiar with it
already, and it would be nice to have some php stuff running in

Thanks… links are fine, as are the correct terms to google :slight_smile:

Is this a good method? I think I’ve read about the apache proxy mongrel
cluster thing in a couple of places

Our environment:

many local servers (for development) on individual’s computers
one staging server
one production server

Changes are done on the dev machines, specs are run, changes are
(usually) checked, and then uploaded to staging. Staging is then
updated with the latest version, tests are run again and then when
that all passes we do cap deploy to production.

Oh, and for our servers we use Apache with mod_rails.

Thanks Ryan, is mod_rails working out well for you? It’s definitely
easy to
set up, but when I first tried it (on my local computer), there was a 1
second latency for requests… almost like it was using CGI or
Are there any tricks to a mod_rails deployment, or is just upload and

This site lists the different production environments in the order they
became popular (hopefully for good reasons). Looks like I’m going to
mod_rails. Thanks!