Best practice for modifying html header in templates

In my rails app, I have a few resources whose header needs differ from
the rest of the resources - they need extra javascript libraries, or
different css stylesheets, or link to an RSS feed to which I’d also like
to link in the html header. All pages share a standard layout template,
of course. I’m wondering what the best practice is for adding extra
stuff to the html header for individual pages. Currently, I populate
@extra_javascripts and @extra_stylesheets variables in the page
templates that require extra love, and check for the existence of those
variables in the master layout and add the links as necessary. I could
do this again for my rss feed, but this strikes me as a bit smelly. Has
anyone tackled a better approach to this?

  • donald

anyone tackled a better approach to this?
In your views do something like this:

<% content_for(“page_header”) do -%>
<%= javascript_include_tag ‘my_special_js’ %>

<% end -%>

Then in your layout do this:

... <%= yield "page_header" %> ...

We do this and it works quite well. Another nice one is
“page_ending_javascript” for those odd cases where the javascript has to
go at the end of the page just before the closing .


... <%= yield "page_header" %> ...

That’s exactly the elegant solution I was hoping existed. Many thanks.

  • donald

On 18-Apr-07, at 4:18 PM, Ball, Donald A Jr ((Library)) wrote:

That’s a really cool solution Philip. Learn something new very other