Best Practice: file_column+Switchtower

Finally getting my app up and running with Switchtower. I am also using
file_column in my project.

By default, it creates a directory for each model under ‘public’ and
from there.

I have users adding files in my production application and those files
added aren’t managed under SVN as they aren’t part of the app, they are
added content. Plus, since they add/change/remove content via the Web
interface, having it under SVN isn’t practical.

Of course, with Switchtower, ‘public’ gets replaced each time with
is in SVN.

So, how are people using file_column and Switchtower together? Changing
paths? Symlinks of some kind? Custom tasks?


how about having the uploaded files saved to another folder outside of
Rails app hierarchy, then using asset_host to serve the files? That’s
i’m doing for my application