Best open source application framework poll on linkedin- Grails ahead of Rails

I posted a poll on linkedin to know what people think about open
source application frameworks.
People have voted for Grails over Rails till now. One of the reason
might be performance (Grails on JVM). Do you also think same way or is
it due to strong fan following of Grails in linked as compared to
Even if it is due to more community members belong to Grails, still
should it not be considered a positive point for Grails. While
comparing two similar frameworks people also consider community
strength in case of open source.
What I know about both framework is that they both provide good
features and almost similar features.
In which area/aspect do you think Rails is better then Grails, JBoss
Seam, Spring?

Best Regards

p.s. To see poll results or to vote for your favorite visit :-