Best method for creating a new gem in 1.9.3 land

I’m starting to work on a new gem, a command line application.

I looked around for the way to automatically build a new gem
directory, as this is the ruby way.

What I found seems out of date, and everything doesn’t work quite
right, nor does anything actually seem complete.

I tried using the newgem gem to build the gem directory.

What else is there? Google doesn’t seem too helpful here, as many
things are out of date, and there are lots of broken links.

Help a gal?

The GLI gem is used for generating command suite CLI apps (like Git, RVM

It has a scaffold generator that will automatically create a gemspec,
gemfile, test and feature files, and will properly chmod the /bin file
ready for inclusion in your path.

It might be something that you are looking for.

On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 1:35 PM, tamouse mailing lists <

bundle gem GEM_NAME is useful. It gives you this:
bundle gem cli
create cli/Gemfile
create cli/Rakefile
create cli/LICENSE.txt
create cli/
create cli/.gitignore
create cli/cli.gemspec
create cli/lib/cli.rb
create cli/lib/cli/version.rb
Initializating git repo in /home/vmoravec/code/test/bbb/cli

which a basic skeleton for any gem; you will have to add your
executable files manually into your gemspec file.
I have found a nice guide about creating a gem here:
Make your own gem - RubyGems Guides ; however, I did not check
whether it’s up to date.

As Richard already wrote above, GLI gem may be the best way to
go for you, check the docs here: GitHub - davetron5000/gli: Make awesome command-line applications the easy way

Thanks, Richard and Vlad, I will check them both out!