Best blogging app?

I know this is a dumb question, but I am about to start a blog and
wanted to know the best app to do this that is done in rails. Thanks!

I’d recommend Mephisto, with some hesitation. There hasn’t been a
release in more than a year, but you can access the trunk which has
had a lot of updates applied. But it does work well, and there are a
lot of people using it, and I’m hopeful that a new release will be
coming before long.

The other widely used blog engine is Typo, which I haven’t used
personally. At one point it seemed that it had fallen out of favor,
relative to Mephisto, but now that Mephisto has gone so long without
an update there is some renewed interest in Typo.

Another option is Radiant, which is a CMS rather than a blog engine,
but you can use it to build a blog with plugins that support


On Jan 28, 12:01 am, Ben J. [email protected]