Benchmarking not being included?

I have a problem that’s mystifying me. I have an application that
uses edge rails, and I would like it to put the high level performance
information in the production logs. Other apps I have deployed with
rails 1.1 have production logs that look something like this:

Rendering main/index
Completed in 0.06379 (15 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.02569 (40%) | DB:
0.02510 (39%) | 200 OK []

Instead, what I’m seeing looks like this:

Processing MainController#index (for at 2006-08-15
18:30:54) [GET]
Session ID: a6f5b83d402a394e0369f876470b4319
Parameters: {“action”=>“index”, “controller”=>“main”}
Rendering within layouts/main
Rendering main/index

As near as I can tell, the line I want should be emitted by
perform_action_with_benchmark, if the logger is present (which it
clearly is, because I do have output in my production.log). Do I have
to do something special to make perform_action_with_benchmark get
called instead of just perform_action?

Thanks in advance