I’m trying to find packet loss in a real communication. I’m working with
USRP N210, and I’d like to transmit and receive with and in OFDM mod.

At the transmitter, using
./ -f 2.45G -a “addr=” -m qpsk
all is OK, because I see the correct FFT at the receiver (using

When I try to receive using
./ -f 2.45G -a “addr=” -m qpsk
I don’t see the receiver packets or anything else. Sometimes the
terminal returns TIMEOUT.

Could anybody help me?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Mattia,

First thing you need to make sure of is whether a LO offset between Tx
and Rx exists. If so, you need to compensate for it.

You’d also better change the gains for both transmitter and the receiver
until you get the link work.