and with 1 USRP board

Hi, I apologize if this has been asked and answered already, but I’m
trying transmit and receive data using the and the programs from just 1 USRP board on one computer. Is
this possible?

I have two RX900 daughterboards. I put one on the RXA side of the USRP
and the other on the RXB side, ran the code on one
terminal and then subsequently ran the code on another
terminal. Here is what I entered in each terminal:

python -f 1e9 -m dqpsk -r 1e6 -R B -v

python -f 1e9 -m dqpsk -r 1e6 -M 6 -TA -v

However, while I should be receiving the packet numbers being
transmitted, I’m getting a repeated u0u0 sequence, which I believe is a
buffer overrun. Two separate USRPs will likely fix this problem,
however, at this moment, I only have one.

Do you guys know of a way to possibly modify the Python code such that
data can be transmitted and received using just 1 USRP? Will adjusting
the decimation or interpolation rates make any difference? Any help
would be greatly appreciated!

Thomas Chan