Benchmark_ofdm with -s 16


when I send from the ‘’ with option -s 16, then
about 200 of the packets in the end are lost at the receiver side.
Might it be a problem at the code, or am I doing anything wrong or
missing something?

These are the command I used:
…/ -T A -f 2.45G -i 512 -M 0.04 -s 16
(Then it transmits 2500 packets each of size 16)

…/ -R A -f 2.45G -d 256
(Then I get about 2300 to 2480 packets received at the receiver side)

More insteresting:
when I send the pre-saved data, which is saved from the
‘’, direct to the USRP, then about 150 to 200
packets are lost

  • that is:
    I get about 2300 to 2370 packets received at the receiver side.

Any ideas or comments?

Hoo Chang.


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