Benchmark_ofdm_rx not working


I am using two USRPs rev 4 and two RFX2400. I am basically trying to
the USRPs communicate with each other using the and scripts. The commands I am executing are

./ -f2.4e9 -T A (at one USRP connected to laptop)

./ -f2.4e9 -R A (at the other USRP connected to

The script is working as I can see the packet
displayed(I wrote a print pktno in the script)

However the script does not give any output. I
think the rx_callback function is being executed(as the packets are
in that function).

Can anyone please help me out and give suggestions as to what the
could be?

Thank you.

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Dominik A. wrote:

ofdm system.
go through.

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Archana Ragothaman wrote:

another laptop)

Thank you.

First, try running the benchmark_ofdm_tx on one side and tht usrp_fft to
display the received power at the receiver. What does this look like?

The problem is likely that you are not transmitting enough power. There
is a --tx-amplitude flag to adjust this. Set it to 2000 - 4000.


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