Benchmark example on USRP2

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to establish communication between two USRP2 using
benchmark example. The command “./ -f 2.4G -r 500k”
doesn’t work: USRP2 can not correctly decode the packets received, all
packets are ‘false’. (PS:Same command works well on USRP1)
After many times’ tests, the following magic combination are able to
show better results.

#./ -f 2.4G -r 500k -s 98 -i 14 -discontinuous
#./ -f 2.4G -r 500k -d 14

Test Result:
Received packet rate: 98%
Received OK packet rate: 97%
I’m wondering why I could not receive 100% correct packets?

The test environment: Ubuntu 9.04, GNU Radio 3.2.1, the SD card is
updated with latest version of firmware images
( is bought the
end of 2008 with daughterboard XCVR2450.

I would appreciate if somebody can tell me what is problem of my test.




Sorry, I made a mistake in my last email. What I’m using is GNU radio
3.2 Rev.11441.
Accoding to the email from Matt, I believe I get some sort of SW

Can anybody give me some suggestion or even a hint?

Best re