Belongs_to has many

Ok… heres the deal

I’m trying to make a real simple app, but I’m getting wierd errors, and
I’m not sure wat to do.

So my project is-- using Restful_Authentication, I need to assign each
user with their own links, that they can add themselves (using the
scaffold thing)

go i generated a links scaffold, and now I’m trying to make each user
have their own

Is it right to do “has_many :links” in the USER model, and “belongs_to
:user” in the links model??

I’m not that clear… and how would I print it out? Ohh… confused…

I started a thread here–

but the guys not answering me. ccan you please help me??

thanks so much, you can reply here or at, i dont care

thanks so much :slight_smile: