Being modular but still interacting

So I want to use components so parts of my code are more modular, and
this maybe a newbie mistake, but it seems to me that if you using
components in a modular way, you can’t redirect or render anything
from your original application. Is this true or am I just overlooking

Here is some code:

class Comments::CommentsController < ActionController::Base

def vote
@comment = Comment.find(params[:id])

comment.rating += params[:rating]

  redirect_to :controller => '/community', :action => 'show', :id

=> params[:design_id]


That redirect will take me to homepage/comments/comments//community/
but I want it to take me to homepage/community/show/id

Any ideas?

:controller => ‘/community’

should be

:controller => ‘community’

remove the forward slash, and you’ll be fine :wink: