Beginners and fool-proof installation ? ??

First off - rememebr We are ALL not rocket scientists.

The concept is great but the docs fall short for us rookies . . .
You would have a HUGE user base if you could get back to SIMPLIFYING
the installs.

BIG Question :

I have Apache, PHP, and mySQL running fine.

How do I get Ruby on Rails up and running with my existing setup ( It
is the Wamp server package and it works Great. And very SIMPLE to set
up I might add :wink:

No where have I found a discreet explanation on how to do a new
install if you ALREADY have a successful installation of Apache, PHP,
and mySQL on your local testing server. Of which I do. I see all kinds
of “All in One” installs and separate package installs but it does not
show one how to piece it all together if you already have a successful
working web server set up.

It needs to explain what folders to put what into and how to set up a
first test. That would be a good idea I would think?
And very specific would help, right?

Can anyone here give me the correct info to get started?

Any help is much appreciated.

Rob Henrichon

The ‘w’ in wamp means you’re on windows, right?

If so–install ruby from the one-click installer:

Then open a command prompt and say:

gem update --system

and when that’s done:

gem install rails

and optionally, when that’s done:

gem install mongrel

That should put you in a good position to develop & test. Deployment is
another matter–I’m not familiar enough to advise there…