Beginner?view graph->sine Wave->Oscilloscope->fft'd signal o

Hello everyone:)!

I am a beginner to this GNU software radio world so please bare with me.

I am trying to start sending and receiving signals using the software
radio and the FLEX900 daughterboard. I am working in baby steps in an
effort to understand how to program the USRP to generate and send a

  1. Is there a typical convention/process/procedure for generating
    generating, sending and receiving signals?

My approach is:

  1. build and view a graph
    – Can I view the “graph” image the signals will be placed?

  2. Generate and view a sine wave.
    –Can I view the sine wave without viewing the graph?

  3. Place the sine wave on the graph and view both.
    –Can I do this?

  4. Modulate the sine wave and modulate it with another generated sine
    –is this possible

  5. View these signals on the osciloscope
    –Is there previously written code for this?

  6. View the FFT’d signal on the Spectrum Analyzer

  7. Transmit the modulated signal

  8. Receive and view the modulated signal using the OSCOPE and SA.

  9. Other than going through example code how do you know were to look
    for classes to do things such as generate; sine waves, oscope, SA,
    –I feel like I am just fishing for classes here and there without
    knowing exactly what I’m looking for.

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