Beginner question

I’m working on the Ruby Primer course at I just have a
question about jargon.

You can see the section I am referring to here, it’s called
“Objectifying Methods” :

I understand classes, objects, and methods, but I’m not sure what an
instance is and how it ties methods, objects and classes together. If
you could, please try to put it into other words.

take this paragraph for example:

"Here, we ask the object that is the integer 1 to give us the instance
of the method next.

The method object still maintains a relationship with the object to
which it belongs so you can still call it using the eponymous call
method and it responds like a normal invocation of that method."

Thanks for your help.

If you have a class of “Cat”, then “mr_mittens”, “mr_fluffles”, and
“lady_snootypaws” could each be an instance of that class.

The class “Cat” might have an instance method like “meow”, so that means
that each of the above instances can use that method, like this:
=> “meow!”

An object is something more general. The class Cat is an object, as are
each of the instances of that class.

Sorry if this is a bit feline-centric, I was just browsing imgur.

Before learn Ruby you should learn what an object-oriented programming
is, pick a book about it.