Beginner question: getting a routing error, but method is defined!


I’m just starting in Ruby on Rails. I have these files:


Here are the contents of teh formprocessor_controller.rb:

class FormprocessorController < ApplicationController
def showform

def show_formdata
    @name = params[:name]
    @prog_languages = params[:prog_languages] || []
    @operating_systems = params[:operating_systems] || []


But after starting my server (ruby /webroot/formprocessor/script/
server), and visiting http://mydomain:3000/formprocessor/showform, I
get this error:

Routing Error
no route found to match “/formprocessor/showform” with {:method=>:get}

But the showform method and views are defined, at least in my mind
anyway. What am I missing?

Thanks, - Dave

Does your routes file specify the default route?

map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id’

Can you show us your routes file?

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Thanks, - Dave

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