Beginner Q: Keeping the Ruby on Rails platform up to date

Hello, I recently installed the ruby on rails framework from this

So, I installed:

Ruby on Rails 1.1
Ruby 1.8.4
LightTPD 1.4.13
FastCGI 2.4.0
RubyGems 0.9.0
Readline 5.1
PCRE 6.6
FastCGI and MySQL bindings

I figured out how to keep my ruby on rails up to date by using the
command “gem update rails --include-dependencies”, but what about all
the other stuff? Should I keep checking their website to see if updates
are available and then compiling, installiing them? Or is there a
quicker command line way to keep all the stuff up to date? Maybe a
similar command like the one ruby on rails has.

Also, any other tips regarding the maintanance of Ruby on Rails would be
much appricated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kristen,

If you really need to keep up to date, maybe you should install
everything using MacPorts[1]

There is an article[2] describing how to ‘sandbox’ Rails with MacPort
in order to have multiple version of your pre-requisites installed.
The update process after that is pretty much a simple command, ‘sudo
port upgrade installed’.

You can do many more things with MacPorts, but you will be hard
pressed to find documentation for it. Here[3] is the manual from when
it was called DarwinPorts.



Christos Z. wrote:



Thank you very much, I’ll take a look at those links.