Beginner Q: Image Selection and Object Attr Modification?

Hi forum,

being new to Rails I’d like to ask if it is possible to use Rails to
display a table of (JPG) images in a browser window (I’m sure that’s no
problem…) from which the user is able to select one, several, or all
the images (via mouse selection, Ctrl or Shift) and then open a popup
where the attributes of underlying objects represented through the
selected images can be modified through a collection of controls.

The idea behind this operation is that I’d like to run a server that has
n serially (RS232) controlled hardware units attached to it. The
different settings of these units should be handled by a local daemon
which needs to interact with a program that runs through a web server.

I’ve done something similar a while ago in “C” and Unix signals but the
CGI handling and the embedded JS code was a bit difficult to maintain…

In short: The client modifies object attributes in a dialog box; a CGI
sends back the info to the host. The daemon receives a signal and this
info which in turn changes the setting(s) on the physical device(s)
represented by the modified objects. The browser window is updated only
in those areas where changes have occured and if the changes have
actually taken effect.

Sorry for a rather generic question but I’d like to know if Rails is a
possible approach to this type of problem.