Beginner drop down list question

hi all,

I want a drop down list with 3 select options.:
<%= select(:variable, :attribute, %w{ Club Ploeg Tak }) %>

I use this selection box in a partial and want to both use it to add
and update records. When updating a record the selection box must thus
be able to select a value by default. Can this be done?

The value, if present is contained in the variable tree.kind

how do I read the selected values in my controller. I don’t know what
name the drop down list has.


I probably didn’t clearly phrase my question:

  • I actually want to know how I can read the selected value from the
    drop down list. Thus, how do I give the drop down list a name and read
    the data in my controller.
  • Is it possible to supply a variable that, when matching with the
    option list, will be the default selected value?

Thanks in advance