Before_filter and xhr

I’m making some ajax calls via prototype’s new Ajax.Request method.
When I do that, are before_filters fired? This is Rails 1.2.3, and
here is what I’m doing:

in a controller, I have

before_fllter :get_poll

which assigns global variables by querying the database for the
current poll (if there is one) and checking to see if the current
user has voted in it yet (must be logged in to vote).

in a view, I have

<%= render :partial => 'polls/poll' %>

Using the globals defined in the get_poll before filter, there is
logic In the _polls partial to display the voting form if the user
hasn’t voted yet or the current results if the user has.

The Vote button on the poll form calls a javascript function that
ultimately does this

new Ajax.Request(’/wgg/vote’, {
method: ‘post’,
parameters: $(‘poll_form’).serialize(),
onFailure: function() { alert(‘Unable to cast your vote.’); },
onException: function(o, e) { alert(e); }

and the controller action ‘vote’ ends with

render :update do |page|
page.replace_html ‘current_poll’, :partial => ‘polls/poll’

When I vote, the vote is recorded in the database, but the vote form
is rendered again, not the results. If I explicitly call get_poll
before the render :update, like this

render :update do |page|
page.replace_html ‘current_poll’, :partial => ‘polls/poll’

it works correctly. It seems like the before filter get_poll is not
getting called for the xhr request. Is that the case?

Hmm. Now that I think about it, before filters are getting called.
They have to be. The very first before_filter checks to see if
someone is logged in, and since the vote gets recorded against my
login, it seems that the before filter was executed properly. Here
is the list of before filters in this controller

before_filter :get_person
before_filter :require_no_login, :only =>
[:sign_up, :login, :forgot_password]
before_filter :set_includes, :except =>
[:directory, :submit_task, :request_group, :vote]
before_filter :require_login, :only =>
[:vote, :submit_task, :request_group, :directory, :directory_message]
before_filter :get_poll
before_filter :set_flash_variables

You can see that require_no_login and set_includes won’t get called
when voting, so only get_person and require_login could stop get_poll
from being called. But since the vote does actually get recorded,
the vote action is invoked, so no before_filter ended the chain.
Besides, there’s nothing in the log about the filter chain ending.

I’m confused. Enlightenment appreciated.


On Dec 15, 2007, at 9:08 AM, Phillip K. wrote:

it works correctly. It seems like the before filter get_poll is
not getting called for the xhr request. Is that the case?


I’m confused. Enlightenment appreciated.

I’ll say I am. I had a “Doh!” moment when I realized it’s a before
filter. Of course it’s going to show me the vote form again because
the before filter runs before my vote is committed to the
database. Sigh.


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