Before_destroy & verification

Hey, probably an easy question but,

I’m trying to get a method to run “before_destory” for a model, and I
want the method to throw an error, and not delete the object from the
database, if a certain condition is held

Obviously, I can just raise an error and rescue it… but for some
reason I can’t get <% error_messages_for 'model" %> to catch and display
the error… isntead I just get the Ruby error page…

I’m sure the reason I can’t get this to work is because I’m new to ruby,
and I’m not thinking right, but any tips, or suggestions would be
appritiated, thanks!

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
def before_destroy
errors.add_to_base “You will never destroy me!!”

p = Person.find(:first)
p.destroy # false
p.errors # will include the above error


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