Before 'click' in WATIR

I am using code below to click in a page when it finds “Next” link., “Next”).click

But as many of you know, many web pages have these next links that goes
on and on, but when it reaches the last pages, it no longer has link
although the text “Next” is present.

So “Next” is present but link is no longer present.

If WATIR code still ask for “, “Next”).click” in the last
page, I would get error message at this point.

Is there anyway, I can start this “, “Next”).click” only
after checking whether the link is present or not??

So when it reaches the last page, although “Next” text is present, if
link is not present, then rather than producing error message, stop the
code, and go to the next process…

any help will be deeply appreciated…

On Dec 5, 2006, at 1:45 AM, curious wrote:

any help will be deeply appreciated…


I don't know much about watir but I think you could easily just

rescue the exceptions that watir throws when the Next link is
disabled. So run your current program again and look at what kind of
exception it raises. Then you can rescue that exception and move on
to the next set of pages:

I don't know what error you get exactly, lets assume its

WatirException(i’m sure its not called this but you get the idea)

begin, “Next”).click
rescue WatirException
#code to move to the next set of pages


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Assuming the variable containing the Watir::IE controller is called

while $, “Next”).exists?
$, “Next”).click()

puts(“No more “Next” buttons”)