Beautiful Rails Project in search of evangelist coders - 95% complete - 3 minute video description here:

2 years of work went into this site, then the owner closed the
project/company 3 days before the big launch campaign/contest (a medical
marijuana debate with a prize of $500 in medical marijuana). I bailed at
that point, very frustrated.

The code has been sitting idle for 2 years, hastily thrown onto a new
servers. I have used the site a couple times in the last month, and it
basically works great, with a few bugs (new user signup is the most
problematic of them).

I thought I would throw this out to the Rails community. Is there anyone
a team that LOVES debates and would like to co-own this project with me?
think it is a fantastic idea, and with a couple weeks work, it would be
great site for the presidential campaign debates! We (2 or 10 people, I
open) can create a company, or a team, or whatever in terms of ownership

or open source, let’s just get the code up to date and get the site in

If you are interested, respond on the forum or to me personally and we
talk about what makes sense and makes the world a more