[BDD] NoMethodError raised when calling #stub with incorrect parameters

I’m new to RSpec and came across an interesting situation where
calling a stubbed method with different parameters from those
specified, raises a misleading error. Some code to illustrate:

(rspec 1.3.0)

describe Person do
describe “#greeting” do
context “using #stub with correct parameters” do
before(:each) do

specify { lambda{ subject.greeting("Nicholas") }.should_not

raise_error(NoMethodError) }

context “using #stub with incorrect parameters” do
before(:each) do
subject.stub(:greeting).with(“incorrect parameter”)
specify { lambda{ subject.greeting(“Nicholas”) }.should
raise_error(NoMethodError) }

I know this is not a test you would have in reality, but it
illustrates the behaviour. I also have come to the realization that
you should never specify parameters when using the stub command, you
should only use #with on #should_receive.

However, when you have mistakenly done this (like the newbie I am),
tracking down the issue can be a bit painful due to the misleading
exception raised. Should developers be protected against using #with
on #stub, a better exception such as
Spec::Mocks::MockExpectationError, or am I missing something?

I would appreciate hearing you thoughts.

Thank you,