BcmsFckeditor fails with browsercms 3.5.3

Hello G.s,
I was trying to upgrade the existing browser_cms project to latest
version. Had use the bcms_fckeditor as well. But when trying to load
page where fckeditor available than it shows some js and xml loading

Here i have pasted the error.

JS error. “NetworkError: 404 Not Found -
NetworkError: 404 Not Found -
http://localhost:3000/bcms_config/fckstyles.xml" - fckedi…ecko.js
(line 68)
D is null [Break On This Error]
…,H,A);};var I=FCKDomTools.GetNextSourceNode(C,true,1);while
(I){if (I==D) break;… fckedi…ecko.js (line 53)

XML loading error. Error loading “/bcms_config/fckstyles.xml” (HTTP
Status: 404). Do you want to see the server response dump?

bcms_config/fckstyles.xml => Already available under public directory of
my rails app.

browsercms (3.5.3)
bcms_fckeditor (1.2.0)

Can anyone guide me to resolve this problem?

Hello G.s,
Found the solution!!! By placing ckeditor & fckeditor assets under
assets directory of app. But still image from Amazon s3 fails to load.