BBN802.11b USRP2s XCVR2450 trouble in packet reception

We have been trying to make two USRP2s with XCVR2450 daughter-cards
one a transmitter and the other a receiver less than 2 metres LOS apart.
With a WiSpy dongle, we confirmed that the transmitter is, indeed,
transmitting. But at the receiver side, we cannot receive any of the
sent out by the transmitter. We have tried out all the channels in
we even tried reducing transmission rate, but to no avail. The receiver
keeps printing bootloads of S’s and occasionally some packets, mostly
beacons from some access point. But to this date, we haven’t received a
single frame transmitted by the other USRP2. Any reply on this matter
be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Sankalp Nimbhorkar
CSC Graduate Student
North Carolina State University

This may explain your observations:

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