Bbn 802.11b code compatibility

i want to ask if the bbn code is compatible with the 3.2.1 gnu radio
version or i must install 3.1.3 version
also i ask if there is any documentation about the bbn code or any any
explanation about modules used like bbn slicer, bbn crc, bbn firdes

Of the code found on CGRAN (, the code in
trunk does not support gnuradio v.3.2. There are two branches on there
that do work though: douggeiger and usrp2_version. The usrp2_version
branch has been getting more work recently. For documentation, I’d
start just by looking at the python code (examples/*.py). There are
some emails floating around if you search google - but the final word
is the code.
To get you started, the general format of the receiver goes something
USRP —> Matched Filter —> Bit Sync -----> Demodulate ------>
FIR (barker-11) bbn.slicer bbn.dpsk.demod

The transmit side has a similar structure - but it only work with the
USRP2 (if you want interoperability with other wifi devices that is) -
in which case you should be focusing on the usrp2_version branch. My
branch probably does not transmit correctly.


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