Bbcode <> html?

Is there a library out there already that will convert text marked up
in “bbcode” into HTML?

For those not knowing what bbcode is, it’s the ML used by forum
software such as phpbb to dumb down the interface.

For example, to link to a site you would write:
Click here!

But to force a link without renaming it you would write:

I just don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Well, I don’t know of a library that does BBCode, but be sure to check
Textile: Textile (markup language) - Wikipedia

And Redcloth, the Ruby Textile interpreter:

Cleaner, IMO, thank BBCode, because frankly, anything that keeps the
ordinary user from typing out HTML is a good thing.


Le jeudi 22 février 2007 20:53, [email protected] a écrit :

I just don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

This class from Facets may be helpful for you :

RubyFacets is definitely a great resource !