Basic TX daughterboard

GnuRadio Community,

Is there an example program I can use with the Basic Tx daughterboad to
send a signal out in the range of ~140->150MHz or even a bit lower at
the FM bands (88MHz->107MHz) ?


Ken Smith
Software Engineer
Penn State University

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 07:26:02PM +0100, Ken Smith wrote:

Software Engineer
Penn State University


The DAC samples at 128 MS/s, so there’s a “fold” at fs/2 == 64MHz.
You can hit 140 - 150 MHz and/or 88-107MHz with an image. You’ll
mostly likely want to use an analog bandpass filter that selects only
the image you’re interested in.

You can try this with:

$ --const -i 32 -f 140M

Hook the output of the Basic Tx up to a spectrum analyzer to see
what’s happening.