Basic TX and RX freq issue

I am working on using gnuradio to test the performance of my
communication setup from 0-200MHz. So I am using Basic TX and Basic RX
my tests as they both are in range from 0-250MHz. I understand that
RX has receive frequency from -32Mhz to +32 Mhz and the frequencies
that are aliased and found within this range. Now when i ran I see that if i transmit at tx freq 120Mhz and use at frequency 120MHz, I am not getting any output and
timing out. So i changed the tx-freq to -8Mhz knowing that 120Mhz is
aliased to -8Mhz. I kept the rx freq at 120Mhz. When i do this, I see an
immediate succesfull reception of packets. I can also see my fft being
centred at 120Mhz after running uhd_fft. So my question is

  1. Can i use this result and say that my setup is working fine at
    It is an image frequency formed by aliasing.

  2. I used the same transmitter setting with tx-freq at -8Mhz and changed
    the recieve frequency to 56Mhz(64-8) which is another alias at -8Mhz. I
    again saw a clear reception of packets and an fft centred at 56Mhz Does
    that in anyway mean that there is simultaneous transmission at all the
    particular aliased frequencies like 56Mhz,188Mhz etc.


Karan T.