Basic Rx and wire? Quality of TVRX

Hello everyone,

Very new at this with the modest aim of getting an FM receiver up but I
have two questions that are simple enough.

  1. Considering that we started with the basic Rx and a wire, we were
    able to hear FM 98.7. This was expected but it is a little sup rising
    that we can hear this exactly at 98.7 when we punch that into the GUI
    for the FM receiver. My understanding is that this signal should have
    aliased to < 32MHz and heard there. Why is it that we can hear this
    signal at exactly 98.7 with a wire?

  2. Replacing the Basic Rx with a TV RX we purchased,we can definitely
    hear bunch of FM signals. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we dont
    have the right antenna for TV RX but all the voices are high pitched
    with the TV RX(remember the chipmunks). What is the cause for that?

Thanks in advance for all your input.