Basic Quiz, Answer The Question Correct Next Page, in Ruby

Hi Guys. For my girlfriend’s birthday I want to give her an iPid touch
but coupled with that I want to build a treasure hunt using it.
Basically the plan is; give it to her and she logs onto the page I’ve
setup, it shows the first question and she enters the answer; if the
answer is correct it continues to the next page showing a clue to the
next destination which we drive to, solve the question, enter the answer
and so on. I have basic Ruby knowledge (still learning and currently
building scaffolded applications) but assuming I was able to make the
various question pages how would I:

  • Check if the answer was correct (comparing it to a simple string)
  • If correct, send her to another page (the next question) or
    alternatively show an error message.

So struggling with If statements and also transitions between pages.

My primary experience is in Java and am currently learning C# as part of
a course but realised how easy it would be to just roll a Ruby script on
Heroku that she could connect to. Any help would be appreciated?