Basic Python help


I’m trying to do my own interface based on the tutorial # How to Write
GNU Radio Python Applications. In the class my_gui_flow_graph(stdgui2.std_top_block):', I've added a Static Text. I've been able to bind the static text label to mouse movement (EVT_MOTION) and mouse click (EVT_LEFT_DOWN). When the mouse is moving, the static text displaysMove’ and when the mouse is left
clicked, the static displays `Click’. This is only happened when the
mouse pointer is not on the FFT canvas.

What I would like to do is to display value of the x axis frequency
value to my static text. I have found the variable for the frequency
value in'. The variable that has the frequency value isx_val’. How it is possible for me to bind the `x_val’ value
to my static text?

Ahmad Zaki Yaacob