Basic, basic noob question about routes

Hi, I am just getting started with Rails and am trying to take advantage
of the work that’s already been done for the login engine. I’ve had
pretty good luck following along with the documentation and the
quicktime movie, but there is one spot where it looks like I need even
more hand-holding than has already been provided.

Setup your Rails application

Edit your database.yml, most importantly! You might
also want to move public/index.html out of the way,
and set up some default routes in config/routes.rb.

Can someone explain a bit about this paragraph? What might I need to to
to my database.yml? I hear it’s important, but I’m not clear at all what
I should do to it.

And my main question is about the last part about setting up some
default routes. This is where my ignorance of how an engine works really
bites me. It looks like I have gotten things almost working - when I try
to pull up an existing page, the login engine is trying to send me to
the login form, and I assume I need to do something in routes.rb. What
would a typical alteration/addition to routes.rb look like?

Of course, that might not be my problem at all. After being sent to, the error I get is:


uninitialized constant UserController

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Dave,

From your questions I’d probably recommend that you spend a bit of
time reading through Rails tutorials, or possibly buying one of the
books that are available/upcoming.

Aspects of Rails development such as the database.yml file, or routes,
are fairly central to setting up your application (rather than
something specific to using an engine or plugin), so it would almost
certainly be worth your time getting a solid grounding in Rails before
looking at using relatively more ‘advanced’ features like plugins or

FWIW, there’s nothing special that you need to do to the database.yml
file, or the routes file, in order to use the login engine. The
prompts in the README will make more sense if you’ve done a bit of
basic Rails development. The error that you are getting seems to imply
that you might’ve forgotten the Engines.start :login line in


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