Baseball scorecard generator

hello folks,

If you care about baseball half as much as I do, this might be
interesting to you - if not, well I’m sorry…


source: GitHub - lljk/baseball_scorecard: ruby Baseball scorecard generator - also see jScorecard, which runs entirely in the browser

Assuming you do give a rat’s behind about baseball, odds are you’ve
scored a game or two… I’ve been living abroad for a good long while -
and the truth is that folks where I am are clueless about baseball…
their loss. Anyway, here’s an app I worked out with green Shoes and
timothyf’s gameday_api to generate html scorecards so I can check out
the games the next day in a way that’s sensible (to me at least…) even
if i can’t actually talk to anyone about it :wink:


gem install ‘baseball_scorecard’

RUN (in terminal):


Installation of the gem might take a while - it’s dependent on a few
other gems that may need to be installed as well. Once the thing is
installed, type scorecard into your terminal or command line or
whatever, press return or enter or whatever, and away you go!

Select a team and date from the window that pops up, and click ‘find
games.’ If games for the given team and date are found, a box where you
can select the game time (if there’s a double header that day,) and a
‘build scorecards’ button will appear. Click ‘build scorecards,’ and
give the thing a little while to cook… it’s got a bunch of data to
get and crunch!

Check out the readme.txt file on github for more info…

I’ve tested on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and WinXP, please let me know if you
have any problems/issues/gripes…

  • j